Identifying Export Market

Identifying Export Market

Professional Consultants of EC21
identify export opportunities in overseas markets

Aimed at

  • Companies, with no or little, willing to evaluate potential demand in overseas markets
  • Companies requiring overseas market entry strategies for international expansion

Service Features

Accurate identification of overseas markets, based on buyers preferences and latest industry situation
Establishment of systematic strategy, by identifying market entry possibilities and evaluating its potential

  • STEP 01 Analyzing Market Potential

Industry demand forecast, market size evaluation, business environment assessment

  • STEP 02 Identifying Market Entry Possibilities

Analysis of korean products market share in the local market, market entry barriers, buyer purchasing factors

  • STEP 03 Target Market Identification and Promotion Activities

Identification of the target market, based on detailed evaluation of the potential markets and proceeding with promotion activities

Scope of Services

  • Assigning a Product Consultant
  • Evaluation of export potential via client-company and product analysis
  • Identification of potential market based on size and business environment assessment
  • Local Consumer and Buyer Behavior Research
  • Identifying Target Market
  • Promotion and Sales Activities
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