Big data offers new business insight

Big data offers
new business insight

Trend Curation

Trend Curation

We provide Big Data content curation services,
by means of real time recognition of global trends and its analysis

Service Outline

  • EC21 provides foreign market trend information through its own big data analysis know-how

Service Features

  • Extraction of key facts from a vast amount of information
  • Regularly providing latest trend updates through big data analysis system
  • Analysis of change in trends and estimation of future demand


  • STEP 01 Visiting the client and understanding their needs
  • STEP 02 Establishing customized Big Data Analysis platform
  • STEP 03 Analyzing Big Data and confirming its effectiveness
  • STEP 04 Providing Big Data Analysis results

Expected Results

  • Confirmation of change in trend through overseas trend analysis within a short time period
  • Providing Key Information needed for foreign market entry
  • Development of entry strategy to the target market based on latest trends
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