EC21 makes the world trade easier

EC21 makes
the world trade easier





In the past years, EC21 has grown alongside Korean overseas trade.
It has been rewarding to contribute to the overseas expansion of Korean companies.

Current global business environment is changing faster than ever. The world is moving on to a new stage – the fourth industrial revolution, driven by new technologies such as artificial intelligence(AI) and big data.

During this transition, Korean enterprises face both crisis and opportunity. Korean companies must make major changes in the existing paradigm in order to take the next leap forward. The success model of the past will no longer guarantee future success. EC21 is committed to provide the best solutions that support sustainable business.

Content curation through Big Data Analysis

Everyday, we create massive amounts of data, but it has become more difficult for companies to analyze and sort information needed for business. EC21 offers big data analysis tools and methodologies allowing companies to analyze and sort data in a timely manner.

Export Consulting

EC21 has been building international marketing and export consulting experience accumulated over many years. Our consultants offer the most efficient solutions to overseas customers based on systematic marketing tools.

The global market is changing at a faster pace. Companies face fiercer competition overseas.
As a leading export consulting company, EC21 will continue to provide the best export consulting services to our clients.

Thank You.

EC21 Inc. CEO Youngrok Song

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